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Creating a cheaper, cleaner energy system

The FLEX Network is the first market offer that pays customers for shifting consumption to green power and avoiding dirty, polluting electricity with a digital token.

Get paid for using clean power

When electricity is dirty, it costs the system more. As peak demand increases, the cost of electricity rises. Customers who use electricity at peak times make the system more expensive and more polluting.

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The Co-Founders

The FLEX Network was founded by Tempus Energy and Energy Unlocked to support a rapid build out of flexibility, supported by blockchain, delivering a clear reward framework with which to empower electricity customers. They bring together technology, commercial, policy and market expertise within and outside of the energy sector.

In existing projects, Tempus Energy’s team utilize machine learning, software and IoT integration. Energy Unlocked works with a global network of energy innovators, private and public sector to adopt new energy solutions.

The Current Energy Market

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The Flex Network

The purpose of FLEX is to incentivize the use of smart, and consequently flexible, products which support the growth of renewable energy generation whilst ensuring a secure and affordable energy system.

The FLEX ecosystem provides a financial incentive to participate in reducing carbon and growing green energy. This will rapidly change the economics of the energy system and lower the costs for forward-thinking electricity retailers. FLEX will generate value for both consumers, retailers, and producers of renewable electricity, leading to a rapid change in the energy system.

We predict the carbon intensity of electricity supply, so customers will know when not to consume dirty energy. There is a clear link to carbon intensity and cost that is shown below from historical data taken in Australia in August 2018.

carbon price correlation


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